Tuesday, September 8, 2015

중미이야기 Central America

멕시코부터 From Mexico

Mexico City

Guadalajara in Mexico


Oaxaca in Mexico

Juchitan in Mexico

San Cristobal del Las Casas in Mexico

Around Atitlan Lake in Guatemala

Have you guys tried Camping Car tour with Four Amazig Girls?

Xela in Guatemala

Rio Dulce in Gutemala

Livingston in Gutemala

Tulum in Mexico


Yukatan in Mexico

I was absorbed in Yukatan for a while.
Yukatan gave me a lot of things.
Caribbean Sea, Ruins, Cenotes, Happiness, Love and Separation...

Finally I left Yuka tan with keeping only beautiful memories.

Palenque in Mexico

Flores Tikal in Guatemala

Chichi, the most famous local marcket

머물면 떠나지 못한다

If I want to stay more, I can't leave here.

I stayed for 2 months in San Pedro Guatemala.

It is time to leave. 

Guatemala City in Guatemala

Antigua in Guatemala

Hola! El Salvador

Ataco in El Salvador

Santa Ana in El Salvador

La Libertad in El Salvador

El Tunco in El Salvador

San Salvador in El Salvador

Granada in Nicaragua

Altagracia, Isla de Ometepe in Nicaragua

It's getting better .... para mi

San Jose in Costarica

It's the last day in Central America and the first day in South America !

Panama City

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