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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

남미이야기 South America

콜롬비아부터 From Colombia

I came back to South America in ten years.

Medellin in Colombia

Bogota in Colombia

A life in Quito for 2 months

I want to say too much but ....
I don't say any more for next time.

No soy de aqui, ni soy de alla.

Peru, Mancora

Piura in Peru

  가자! 아마존의 심장으로! 

Heading for Amazon !

I took the cargo boat to get in a heart of Amazon.
That's the cheapest way for Iquitos.
Iquitos is the largest city in Perubian Amazon.
It takes about 2 nights 3 days by boat from Yurimaguas to Iquitos.
But I stayed 1 more night on the boat because my boat arrived in Iquitos around mid night.
Thanks to late arrival, I could enjoyed enough sunset and sunrise on Amazon river.
Normally  we need to buy own hammock for sleeping but I didn't.
I bring my mosquito net wherever I travel. And I fixed it on the floor.
I made my new house named ' Mi casa'. That's my style, Kangnam style.
I met so many local people and shared lots of things with open mind.
I think this is Cruise tour for real backpacker.

Amazon in Peru

Iquitos in Peru

Kids on the boat in Amazon

Niños en lancha

Leaving Amazon

It was the last night in Manaus Brasil.
I went to Amazon Theatre to get free performance.
I enjoyed classical music, even it was hard to understand.
I thought my past traveling while they were playing.
Sorry for them, it was a really good place to think.
I asked by myself.
Have you enjoyed your traveling life without regrets.
Absolutely not, I always regret my choice.
That is why I am still traveling to get something.

I am going to Boa Vista to get in Guyana and Surinam, French Guiana.
These countries are very strange to me.
I heard bad information about those countries.
I think almost backpackers don't like expensive or dangerous country.
But those countries have both.
I don't want to choose another way, It is too late to come back.
I don't want to take flight or boat. I already spent about 15 days on the boat, that is enough.
Only one way I have to pass over the frontier to go overland.
I try to find good points on the sunny side.
Those countries create a unique culture that was mixed with Africa Asia India Europe.
I hope I meet good local people.

Ok, make me refresh, it is going to be created new challenges.

Manaus in Brasil

Georgytown in Guyana

From Pacific ocean to Atlantic ocean, passed through Amazon.

Finally I arrived in Suriname. I will go back to Brasil to get in Venezuela.

Paramaribo in Suriname.

Boa Vista in Brazil

Amazing mountain in Venezuela

Santa Elena de Uairen in  Venezuela

Feliz Año Nuevo, Amigos^^

Isla Margaita in Venezuela

Puerto La Cruz in Venezuela

Merida in Venezuela

Maracaibo in Venezuela

Muchas gracias mis amigos venezolanos

Santa Marta in Colombia

Cartagena in Colombia

Again Mancora in Peru

I got back to Lima in ten years

Cuzco in Peru

Leaving Cusco

I spent here for three week. I met many Korean travelers compared past 6 months.
Because I stayed very favorite hostel to Korean tourist, named El Puma Hostal.
When I arrived in Cusco, the weather is not so good, almost cloudy and rainy days.
I couldn't do anything, actually I didn't want to do anything, the weather as an excuse.
I tried to cook some Korean foods, even those are not original ingredients.
I shared and enjoyed with my Korean friends, as a result I was drunken every each day.
I already went throught 2 weeks when alcohol awoke in Cusco.
I didn't go to Machu Picchu. Almost tourist come here to go there. I went there ten years ago.
I came here to take a break, having a good rest is a kind of traveling for long term tourist.
But having a alcohol is not a good rest.
I decided to move another place, I found the cheapest single room in Cusco.
I foucused on writing for long time, the weather is getting better.
Finally I could be absorbed in this city and then I spent 1 more week in Cusco.
Tonight I will take bus for La Paz, Bolivia.
Whenver I leave some place, I feel somthing lost. But I don't know what I lost, exactly.
Maybe, it may be the rest of my time what also can not change on the planet Earth.

Chao Cusco

Hola La Paz in Bolivia

Very normal life in Sucre Bolivia

Buenos Aires in Argentina

Asuncion in Paraguay

Paraty in Brasil

The last night in America.
It's been almost 2 years.
Tomorrow I will take flight for Africa.

São Paulo Brazil

Adios mis amigos^^
Quiero volver algun dia
Muchas Gracias